It’s Always About the Customer


Our offer to you spans two key service areas:

Portfolio and Asset Management

We aim to provide you with strategic advice on asset allocation and the efficient construction of balanced real estate portfolios that appreciate that each asset is unique and will perform independently of others.

Our approach is driven by an understanding of both the macro and micro drivers of real estate as an asset class and how these dynamics will shape the balance of both sector and asset exposure when set against a given level of risk, as measured by market volatility.

Be it single asset or portfolio advice our aim, when working with key suppliers and professional advisers, is to ensure that you are comfortable and confident that your capital is always being invested not spent.

Corporate Management and Board Membership

Experience, professionalism, integrity and business acumen are key requirements of any independent non-executive board member looking to add value to a business or collective investment scheme.

Our experience in real estate markets and corporate management, supplemented by training with The Academy of Chief Executives and Inside Out Global Executive Coaching, means we are well placed to add value across:

  • Corporate Management and Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership and Human Capital
  • Client Management
  • Products and Services
  • Performance

Our goal is to help you manage the most serious challenges within your business or across your investment portfolios so that you can meet the ever-increasing demands of stakeholders and regulatory bodies.